Changes in emergency times benefits San Diego residents

by Brighton Dental San Diego

A real effort has been made in a San Diego experiment to ensure that emergency response times from both the fire and rescue services, and medical services, can be lowered in an attempt to save more lives. Several areas within the San Diego region were highlighted as needing to improve, and these areas have seen great changes in the times that they have had to wait for people to arrive and administer life-saving care.

For example, the response times in the southeast San Diego area of Encanto has been drastically lowered by a very small change in the way that the fire and rescue crew operates. They have reduced their teams to only two people, and have been responding to medical emergencies in a re-built pick up truck that is able to go much faster in the area. The change in time that it has taken for people to arrive – from the time that they are called to the actual moment that they arrive – has been reduced from up to nine minutes to an incredible three minutes, or even only ninety seconds.

The change of program was initially designed to only last for six months, but city officials in the San Diego area have now revealed that they may enlarge the remit of the project to other neighborhoods as the project has been so successful, such as Liberty Station, Linda Vista, Black Mountain Ranch, and University City. Chief Webber has stated that: “The community is really noticing how fast they’re getting there. It’s definitely having an impact. Any time you put extra people and extra equipment anywhere in the city, it’s going to have a positive impact.”

The Mayor, Kevin Faulconer, really pushed for the project to happen, and made sure that $600,000 of his own budget could be invested in the life-changing service.

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