Could Your Dental Work Be Toxic?

body mouth connectionIf you have metal fillings, your dental work could very well be toxic. A group of patients, dentists, scientists and others filed a lawsuit in July 2014 against the U.S. FDA claiming that this agency has not be forward-thinking enough in dealing with metal filling material than contains hazardous mercury. The substance had been shown to be toxic in many ways and has been banned in some nations. Now, not only mercury free dentists are asking.. ‘why is it still allowed in fillings in the United States’?

The lawsuit further alleges that the nation’s most vulnerable citizens are getting more mercury fillings than anyone else. This include low-income families, prisoners and military members who must depend on the imperfect government healthcare system and other low-cost clinics.

Sure, amalgam is durable and has been in common usage for 150 years. But today, there are tooth-colored choices that look better and work just as well or better. But using amalgam is an economic issue. It’s cheaper, and some insurance companies insist that it be used instead of composite.

Even the American Dental Association is against removing old metal fillings. Their reasoning is that each time a filling is replaced there is loss of healthy tooth material, and that should be limited. There is also a risk of additional mercury exposure during removal if the process isn’t handled professionally.

The FDA continues to say that metal fillings with mercury are safe — despite that fact that many countries have banned dental amalgam. The substance is still used in many places, however, and it’s still common in the United States as well.

But think of it this way: if you can avoid a health risk, why wouldn’t you? Do you really want a mercury-containing substance that’s the subject of a lawsuit and that’s already been banned in many places in your mouth? If you have the slightest misgivings, you should have your old metal fillings removed by a proper Biological Dentist, and avoid getting any more mercury installed in your mouth.

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