Woman Who Thought See Had MS Instead Had Dental Mercury Poisoning

by Holistic Dentist, Dr. Vinograd

mercury fillingCan you imagine being diagnosed with a crippling and degenerative disease like MS only to later find that your toxic mercury fillings were responsible for your debilitating symptoms? That’s exactly what happened to one Scottish woman.

Maria Indermuhle discovered that toxic dental fillings containing mercury and other harmful metals were poisoning her and causing symptoms that doctors mistook for MS. The dental fillings were installed just weeks before her wedding and move from Scotland to Switzerland three years ago — and it took months for her to realize that doctors were wrong and that she was suffering from mercury poisoning.

A few months after getting married, Indermuhle started to feel unusual sensations in her legs. About 18 months later, she was unable to walk, lost feeling in her hands, suffered loss of vision, had speech slurring and heart palpitations.

After extensive examination, doctors diagnosed her with multiple sclerosis. But she wasn’t entirely satisfied with the diagnosis of a degenerative disease for which there is no cure and few viable and effective treatments.

She did some research on her own.

Indermuhle learned that the symptoms she was experiencing were also the symptoms to expect in cases of mercury poisoning. A doctor in Switzerland tested her for metals and found them in abundance in her system.

The woman, of course, immediately had the fillings removed and started on a dramatic detox program. She made a full recovery.

She now claims the Scottish national health care program, which put in the fillings, should be liable for her problems. But the Scottish government still claims dental amalgam containing silver, tin, copper and mercury is completely safe.

But a now-32-year-old woman in Switzerland lost three years of her life because of mercury amalgam in her mouth. Does that sound safe to you? Despite governmental claims, it makes sense to avoid having something put in your body that can cause a reaction like the one she had.

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