Dentox: Botox Training and Certification

Dentox is one of the leading continuing education providers in the industry with the necessary experience as well as professionals necessary to offer such skills you require. Any time you disclose to your clients and employees that you received training from Dentox, your are letting them know that you receive training from the best of the best. In reality, Dentox lead instructor as well as course director Dr Howard Katz, DDS, is a well known innovator in Botox certification, whose name was on the Botulinum toxin patient applications (see 2014- ONLINE BOTOX TRAINING FOR PHYSICIANS, NURSES, DENTISTS & OTHER QUALIFIED MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS).

Dr Katz is also a medical innovator as well as a general practicing dentist. Apart from his work with Botox, Dysport and also Xeoman, he also has his name on the patent application for gel dermal filler formulations and also Oraverse, which is an anesthetic reversal product. He has also led the research into using sugar alcohols such as xylitol and sorbitol In dentistry close to forty years ago and is responsible for the introduction of Botox along with gel filler injections into dental workspace over a ten years ago. As the leader of the Dentox live patient coaching program, Dr Katz continues to develop, updating as well as adding values to courses every time in other to maintain  their leading and cutting-edge position.

botox training professor

Dentox provides revolutionary as well as forward looking gel filler and Botox certification courses provided by a proven scientific mind and also he is a respected dentist, clinician and specialist named on the intellectual property registrations for a different type of cosmetic products.

The location of the medical and dental course training organization is situated in California and act according to the Dental practice Act of all state in which it practice its training. We make sure to differentiate our practice from all others in the industry by making sure we don’t recommend treatments and materials that is proven to be ineffective or that can destroy or damage the reputation of ours or yours as well.

Dentox is a PACE provider certified by the Academy of General Dentistry. AGD accept the training company’s formal continuing education courses for the credit towards fellowship, mastership as well as membership maintenance. This certification does not mean any acceptance by a state or other board of dentistry or endorsement by AGD. The recent certification by AGD runs from February 1, 2014 till January 31, 2016.


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